Filming Around the World

Many time we stayed impressed with amazing scenes of
a big screen and we often want to feel the places were some of our favorite
movie heroes were.

An excellent reason for traveling, especially
because we should never forget that some of the most interesting scenes are
recorded in the reality, sometimes without any help of scenography

There are various and various film locations

Rome- very dynamical with enigmatic legends, rich
with history and old architecture. Generally
with the reason bring the name eternal city. Because its second name it
attracted the producers of the film “Da Vinci Code”, realized by the same name
of Den Browns book.

Ten years before Gregory Peck and Odry Hepburn
visited Rome for the film “Holiday in Rome|.

Well known fountain Baroque in Rome contributed to
the film Dolce Vita.

Prague- City which bring name Golden city. It is
recognized for a films “Casino Royal”, “Oliver Twist”, Blade 2”, “Mission impossible:. Finally, Milos
Forman decided to make the film” Amadeus:. The reason is artistic atmosphere on
the streets of these city.

Liverpool- Recognized for his mystic, it is a ideal place for films. All is very likely
due to the known docks, which look just like XIX century. Guy Ritchie has a big
reason why he decided to shoot Sherlock Holms here. In addition to this, the
film” Batmen”” The Dark Knight” and” Harry Potter” and “the Deathly Hallows” have
also been filmed, but finally film with Marlon Brandon “ On the Waterfront”.

Queenstown, New Zealand- the cult Lord of the rings
was shot in this fairytale place, created for the epic scene that exist in this
film. This impression certainly contributes to the crystal clear Lake Vakatipu
and the mountain Ben Lomound. In this small town Hugh Jackman also made a trip
to the film” X Men Origin:

Peking- Bernando Bertolucci decide to realize
completely natural film about the last ruler of China, placed it in its
historic place. The Last Emperor filmed in Peking’s famous” Forbidden city”,
which was residence of all rulers of the Ming and Quing dynasties. For this
film Bertolcci won the Oscar.

Almeria- a port city, located in southeastern of
Spain, because of its Mediterranean position, attracted Ridley Scott to prepare
their biblical epic film Exodus Goods and Kings. There also extravagant films
such as Cleopatra, Wild wild west, El Cid and King of the Kings

Tokyo- While watching the modern classic Lost in
Translation in 2003, you simple want to be in Tokyo. When you step down on the
streets, you find the perfect mix of ultramodern, digital, technological with
traditional elements here of the ancient Asian country. Part of the film Babel
was also filmed in Tokyo.

Paris- City with an epitome, city of light, many
films realized in Paris. Borrowed is only the air of their light and made them
famous. In this city there was a love between characters that was interpreted
by Nicole Kidman and Juan Macgregor. Jean Paul Belmond recorded – Until the
last Breath in the sixties and Amelia experienced her :”Miraculous fate”

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan- also known as the Valley of
the Moon. Here was shoot “Lawrence of Arabia” and later they recorded “The red
planet”. Transformers where the display of this desert served as Egypt.